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Decorating1. Make your window a focal point

Every room needs a focal point for design. If you have an exceptional painting or sculpture, that may do the trick. If not, remember, your custom window treatment is the one design feature created specifically for you.

A print or color treatment can set the tone for the entire room achieving just the effect you want for your home. If you want a focal point in your room, a creatively designed window treatment is the answer. Windows are truly a design opportunity for setting your room's mood and style!

2. Make your window a background

You'll add beauty and grace to your home by creating a soft background in your window treatment design. Choosing simple lines, soft swags and muted or neutral colors help make a gentle, yet finished-looking decorative statement, a lovely background for a comfortably beautiful room.

Decorator blinds and shades are now available in such a wide array of styles, you may want to consider them as a background option, too. There are too many to mention here, but ask me for some suggestions... you'll be amazed at the flexibility, functionality and beauty these new options provide.

Whether you choose to make your windows a focal point, or a subtle yet dramatic background, remember that each window in your home serves its functional purpose.

then enjoy your beautiful windows

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