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HGTV speaks directly to the customers YOU want!
Adults 25-54 with household income $75,000 plus, No.1 in all day viewers
Ranks No.1 in prime time with working women 25-54 having household income $75,000 plus
No.1 among 51 TV networks with viewers who "are inclined to buy products advertised..." and "inspired to buy things."
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The customers you want watch HGTV...

Now HGTV's own Michael Payne
speaks for Exciting Windows!

Michael Payne, Interior Designer/Star of HGTV's "Designing for the Sexes" and Exciting Windows Customer!

What is all the excitement about? In our case, it's about strategic alliance with one of America's most respected Interior Design personalities from HGTV's "Designing for the Sexes", Michael Payne. In fact, Mr. Payne's endorsement goes further... our decor philosophies match so well that he's even an Exciting Windows! customer!

What this means to our members is that they have a national spokesperson with integrity, AND one who reaches right into millions of the homes of customers they want most... high-income households with the interest and ability to create a beautiful home, and who desire exceptional services and products. THAT'S what Exciting Windows! members provide. See why we're excited?

Those high-income customers buy more, are more fun to work with and buy more often, over and over again. To become the consultant they'll be looking for, discover Exciting Windows!

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